Dr. Pateder Performs First Case In The Us Using New Fda Approved Minimally Invasive Spinal Device

First in U.S.! LinkSPINE is announcing the first U.S. implantation of the FacetLINK MINI, a titanium device that uses two screws and an expandable cross-connector assembly to stabilize the lumbar spine after a tissue-sparing midline decompression.

Dhruv Pateder, M.D., an orthopedic spinal surgeon, performed the first U.S. MINI case at HCA Reston Hospital Center in Reston, Virginia. Dr. Pateder commented in the August 4, 2015 news release, "Using a minimally invasive technique, FacetLINK MINI allows rigid posterior spinal column fixation with only two cross-linked lag screws instead of a traditional, open pedicle screw and rod construct where four screws are needed. The FacetLINK MINI device is quickly and efficiently placed utilizing a very intuitive surgical technique. The patient is doing great and was discharged the next day."

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