Two Sports Medicine Docs Were Having a Conversation…. (Video)

The Two Boneheads

Dr. Howard Luks and I have both been practicing sports medicine and orthopaedics for nearly 20 years.  That’s 40 years of experience between us. During that time, we have developed a tremendous amount of insight into our area of specialization, orthopedics and healthcare in general…and we’d like to share that information with you.

We both have realized that getting accurate and actionable information in this crazy healthcare system can be difficult for people and our patients.  So we have decided to get together, discuss various topics in our field and videotape our discussions.  Our plan is to have informal conversations about areas of interest to us and hopefully areas of interest to you.  We plan to post these to our blogs (his and mine) and social networks (Howard’s FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn and My FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn).

We hope you find these videos beneficial.  Let us know how we are doing and send us topics you’d like to see discussed.

We look forward to interacting with you.

Here is a sampling of some of the topics that we have discussed; Second opinionsTennis ElbowOver-treatmentSingle Sports SpecializationPRPACL Graft Options, and many others…

Jeffrey H. Berg, M.D.

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