Clinical FAQs

Q: How do I request my Medical Records?

A: You may request copies of your medical records by completing our Authorization for Release of Medical Records. An electronic copy of your records can be requested by filling out both the Authorization for Release of Medical Records and the Electronic Record Delivery Request form. Please fax the request form(s) to 703-787-6575. Please allow 7-10 business days for completion of your request.

Q: How do I get FMLA, Disability, or other forms completed by my doctor?

A: Please complete and sign sections of your paperwork that you are required to prior to our office finalizing the completion. These forms can be brought to your office visit or faxed to our office at 703-787-6575. Please allow 7-10 business days for completion of forms.

Q: How can I refill my medication?

A: Please have your pharmacy fax a refill request to us at 703-787-6575. Note that we do not fill prescriptions after business hours and on the weekends.

Q: What do I do with my MRI prescription?

A: If an MRI is ordered, the medical assistant/physician will ask you where you would like to have your MRI performed. You will be contacted by our authorization department with your authorization number, at which you may schedule your MRI appointment, and take the script, as well as the authorization number, with you to the MRI facility. MRI authorizations may take up to 5 - 7 business days to complete.

Q: Once the authorization is complete, can I go anywhere?

A: No, the authorization given by your insurance company for the MRI is for the location specified on the order. It is important that you let the medical assistant/physician know if you have a preference for a particular MRI facility when the order is given to you.

Q: How long until I can make an appointment with my doctor after my MRI is complete?

A: You may schedule an appointment with your doctor 2-5 days after your MRI has been completed. The facility will give you a Compact Disc with your MRI images. It is important that you bring this disc with you to your follow-up appointment with the physician.

Q: What are the guidelines for a routine dental procedure after joint replacement?

A: AAOS guidelines state that patients do not need antibiotics before routine cleanings unless the patient is immune compromised, has a current infection, or performing a deep procedure.
If antibiotics is required, the recommendation is 2,000mg of Amoxicillin one hour prior to procedure. If patient is allergic to Penicillin family, 600mg of Clindamycin is recommended one hour prior to procedure.
Please contact us at 703-435-6604 if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: How do I properly use my Top Shelf Remedy Sling?

A: The video below will show you how to properly use the Top Shelf Remedy Sling!