Non-Surgical FAQs


I have not responded to the treatment, what should I do now?

  1. Usually I should have made recommendations as to how long a trial period we should be giving this stage of your treatment. If you are unsure of the recommended time period, please contact my assistant.
  2. Often I will have given instructions as to the next steps (ie Surgery, obtain an MRI, etc.) if your treatment was unsuccessful. If we discussed a plan but you are unsure of the next step, please contact my assistant.
  3. If we did not make a contingent plan should this stage of your treatment be unsuccessful, please call our main number, 703-435-6604, and make an appointment so that I could reevaluate your status and we could discuss further options.

How do I get a prescription for a test? Medicine? Physical Therapy?

Please contact my assistant.

How can I get another Physical Therapy prescription?

  1. If you are not presently in physical therapy, please contact my assistant.
  2. If you are in physical therapy but need a new prescription, please ask your therapist to fax your most recent progress report with a request for continuation of treatment to 703-483-4665.

I recently had an MRI/CT/NCS/EMG that Dr. Berg ordered, what should I do now?

Please obtain a copy of the images (usually on a CD) as well as the radiologist’s report and call our main number, 703-435-6604 to schedule an appointment so that we can review them.

My splint/cast got wet, what should I do?

If you got the inside of your splint or cast wet, please call our office at 703-435-6604. It may need to be changed.

I can’t recall the instructions I received, what should I do?

Please contact my assistant.

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