Dhruv B. Pateder, MD

Neurosurgical, Orthopedic and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon located in Reston, VA & Centreville, VA

About Dr. Pateder

Dhruv Pateder, MD, specializes in all aspects of spinal surgery, ranging from complex scoliosis surgery to newer muscle sparing minimally invasive procedures. Dual-trained in both neurosurgery and orthopaedic spinal surgery, he is proud to provide personalized care to patients at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates in Reston and Centreville, Virginia.

Dr. Pateder completed his residency training in orthopaedic surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, followed by a combined neurosurgery and orthopaedic spine surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. After completing his fellowship, he worked as an attending spine surgeon at the world-renowned Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colorado. There, he cared for many professional athletes and members of the United States Ski Team.

He has done extensive research in the field of spine surgery, particularly in the treatment of scoliosis. Dr. Pateder’s work has been presented at multiple national and international meetings, and his research has resulted in the publication of numerous scientific articles and book chapters. He has won multiple awards for both his clinical work and his research. 

Dr. Pateder has also served as an instructor for other spinal surgeons wishing to learn advanced techniques in scoliosis surgery and minimally invasive decompressions and fusion procedures. In addition, he is involved in the design and improvement of instruments used during spinal surgery.

While Dr. Pateder is a spinal surgery specialist, he works closely with different orthopaedic specialists at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates. Many problems with other parts of the body, such as the hip, knee, shoulder, can often be related to spinal problems as well. In these cases, the best patient care can be provided by physicians who work together as a team so that communication and treatment can be planned more efficiently.

Dr. Pateder believes that for most spinal problems, surgery can be avoided by employing other treatments. However, for certain spinal pathology, surgery can be immensely helpful when performed appropriately. Regardless of whether a problem is surgical or not, he is always thorough in discussing all options and helping each patient make the decision that is best for them.

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  • Education


    Residency training in orthopaedic surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

    Combined neurosurgery and orthopaedic spine surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic 



    Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances 

    American Journal of Orthopaedics

    Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

    Professional Experience


    Attending spine surgeon at the world-renowned Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, ColoradoI

    Cared for professional athletes and members of the United States Ski Team



    Washingtonian Magazine Best Physician- Spinal Surgery, 2012

    Patient’s Choice Award, 2010

    Northern Virginia and Washingtonian Best Physician

Testimonials for Dr. Pateder
  • "Dr. Pateder, Neither verbal nor written accolades can adequately express my gratitude for the care you have all provided me over the last few months. You have performed a minor miracle at the very least, and given me back the gifts of strength in my arms, grip in my hands, increased mobility in my legs, and the best gift of all, an uninterrupted pain-free night of sleep. My most sincere thanks. God bless you!"



    "Dr. Pateder, I cannot thank you enough for performing the minimally invasive procedure on me. You have completely changed my life! It ks so wonderful to walk upright, sit comfortably, sleep at night, and not endure that ever-present pain. None of these things would be possible without our exceptional skill, talent, and expertise. Thank you again!"



  • "Dr. Pateder, Thank you so much for two years free of back trouble!"



    "Dr. Pateder, I cannot thank you enough for the care and consideration of you and your staff. You were not just a typical doctor. You cared and it showed. Please keep your goodness and caring for your patients at the forefront of whatever you do. Take care and thank you!"



  • "I had a baby boy 2 weeks ago, and thanks to Dr. Pateder, I get to stay up all night holding him. I can hold him for hours, not minutes. I get to do all the things other parents get to do. I am forever grateful, and so are my wife and son! Back surgery is scary, but you're in good hands with Dr. Pateder!"







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